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    Andrew Bird

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    About Andrew Bird's T-Shirt

    Andrew Bird drew inspiration from an obscure interaction, a run-in with a peacock outside of his barn while on his way out for a bike ride. He has thus transferred his mad creative talent to the world of t-shirt design. And YBP couldn't be happier. Add an American Apparel tri-blend t-shirt to the mix and we've hit maximum levels of amazing. And rather than supporting bicycle and or peacock riding, proceeds from Andrew's design goes to a more beneficial cause. His charity is the Pegasus Special Riders Inc who works hard to provide a therapeutic activity for adults and children with special needs.

    About The Band

    Andrew Bird is a multi-instrumentalist from Chicago, Illinois. His indie/folk sound has come quite the distance since the start of his career, evolving into fascinating blend of violin, guitar, loop pedals, glockenspiel, enviable whistling abilities and captivating vocals. Live performances with constituents Martin Dosh, Jeremy Yirisaker and Mike Lewis demonstrate his talents best as he takes his songs through alternate improvised avenues. His latest album Noble Beast reflects his undeniable ability to create a unique sound that tests the limits of the genre.

    About The Cause

    Pegasus Special Riders Inc provides adults and children with special needs a complete horse riding experience. Weekly riding lessons and experience caring for the horses provides clients with a therapeutic and fun activity in a safe and supportive environment.

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