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    Grizzly Bear

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    About Grizzly Bear's T-Shirt

    The invention of the wheel transformed society; it reduced distance, increased work efficiency, and made modern transportation possible. Wheels have propelled us forward, literally, but at the same time they have increased the chances for exploitation of our environment. Grizzly Bear’s natural habitat was being threatened, it was time for this animal friendly, king of the pop folk rock forest to roar its eclectic voice and speak up for mother earth. Help set the wheels in the right motion and take control of your carbon footprint, by hibernating in this AA t-shirt and supporting the Brighter Planet Project Fund.

    About The Band

    Grizzly Bear is an indie-rock band based in Brooklyn, made up of Daniel Rossen and Ed Droste both on vocals, keyboards and guitar, Chris Taylor on bass and Chris Bear on drums. Their music could be described as a hypnotizing mixture of folk rock, four-part harmony and electronic touches. Grizzly Bear's newest critically acclaimed album Veckatimest is a bundle of atmpospheric amazingness.

    About The Cause

    Brighter Planet is a foundation seeking to help reduce our carbon footprint and take control over climate change. The foundation raises money to foster projects that help fight climate change and global warming, and helps individuals mitigate their own environmental footprint.

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