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    Hot Chip

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    About Hot Chip's T-Shirt

    Good wisdom is passed down through the ages of time, but the best wisdom is always delivered by the way of a John Candy movie. Like your job, love your wife. In Planes, Trains and Automobiles, JC delivered this line and its remained with the fine men of Hot Chip ever since. Stepping away from the synthesisers for a moment, the British lads have etched this ode aside a softly formed shape of a stegosaurus. It’s custom yo, just for YBP. Some prehistoric wisdom to wear upon your chest. Here's some more - do good things and feel the lightness of a beast made from spiralling ribbons.

    About The Band

    For over ten years, Hot Chip have been synthing their way into our hearts and heads with their British electro-pop beats. These fine fellows have made their mark producing insane assortments of sax and drums and flugelhorns, generally warranting reactions of exuberant head bops and at times, soft, buoyant knees. In ’09, Hot Chip were nominated for a Grammy for their song ‘Ready for the Floor‘ and earlier in 2012, the team smashed out In Our Heads, their fifth studio album which they self-produced. In between drinks, the band has been touring the globe, electrifying mosh-pits in spectacular fashion.

    About The Cause

    Mind is a charity providing comprehensive support networks and specialized care for people dealing with a mental health problem. They offer support and education programs to help them understand their condition and show them the choices they have. Mind aims to empower people and promote awareness and understanding of mental health issues within the community.

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