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    About Stars T-Shirt

    Everyone has awoken the beast within their souls, but even when the transformation from Belle to beast is complete, the Stars' music is still charming as ever. Music can tame the most dangerous animals, and provide an escape from the sharp boundaries of conformity. So allow the tiger in you to ruminate in a 100% cotton AA t-shirt.

    About The Band

    Stars are an indie-pop band who hail from Montreal, Canada. Led by vocalists Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan, their fourth and most recent album, "In Our Bedroom after the War" is simply magical. It's about challenging your fears, and finding redemption through love. Seeing them perform it live is like a religious experience (minus the religion). Some of the band members also participate in a variety of side-projects, such as "Broken Social Scene", also on the Arts & Crafts label.

    About The Cause

    Le Chaînon is women's shelter, located in downtown Montreal. They provide food, shelter, clothing, and security. Marie-Helene Houle, director of Le Chaînon explained to YBP that right now they are short on food reserves in their eatery, so with $ 1 000 they can stock up and continue to give their residents nutritious food, so our efforts are very much appreciated.

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