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    TV on the Radio

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    About TV on the Radio's T-Shirt

    All hail the return of Ziggy, the addition of TV on the Radio to the YBP family, and the reinvention of the Yellow Bird t-Shirt. A design meant to challenge inhibitions, taken for granted assumptions, and gender identity. A t-shirt that is perfectly distressed, calmer than cream, and fashionably avant-garde. A cause that is pressing. A chance to help those in need. Wear this Bowie homage, force fate by helping Partners in Health a Haiti relief effort, and show the world what all that howl is for.

    About The Band

    TV on the Radio is a Brooklyn based indie band who's eclectic mix of trip-hop, soul, electro, art rock and free jazz has had listeners everywhere captivated for years. Their awesomeness is made up of Tunde Adebimpe on vocals, David Andrew Sitek on guitar and keyboard, Kyp Malone on vocals and guitar, Jaleel Bunton on drums and vocals, and Gerard Smith on bass and keyboard. TV on the Radio's unique and original sound has us tuning in time and time again. Photograph of band by Michael Lavine

    About The Cause

    Partners in Health are an organization who strive to provide health care to those who cannot afford it. They have been working in Haiti for 20 years. Their current efforts in Port-Au-Prince, recently devastated by a massive earthquake, have helped greatly to provide medical help to the many people in need. Recently, their doctors have opened an operating room in Port-Au-Prince where operations can now be performed on those in need. All proceeds of the TV on the Radio t-shirt serve to benefit this great cause.

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