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Shane tee

Shane tee $5.00
Shane tee $5.00
Shane tee $5.00
Shane tee $5.00
Shane tee $5.00
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About The T-Shirt

When I was asked to make a photograph for Yellow Bird Project to be printed on one of the t-shirts, i sat on ideas for weeks before finally realizing i needed to photograph someone close to me. i had been living with my good friend "shane" and have always enjoyed making photographs of him because of his hilarious demeanor and great sense of style. "shane" is one of the few people i know that can look as good as he does so naturally, and he doesnt show any insecurity in front of the camera. he loves the YBP and loves making music and art. he's one of the greatest people i've ever known and we're both more than excited to have this photograph of him wearing his YBP shirt printed on a whole new YBP shirt. i have a pretty large collection of photographs that i've made of shane which you can look through.

About The Designer

megan_bio_picMegan Kathleen McIsaac enjoys making photographs, making music, journaling, traveling around the world, and meeting people (among many other things.) When it comes to making photographs, she prefers to use film, and most often of the medium format variety. While currently living on the road in an old RV, she hopes to make more photographs with the intention of piecing them together in a book, her first book. Many years ago she came across the Yellow Bird Project and was inspired to photograph their t-shirts for them, and is now unbelievably stoked to share a photograph on one of their tee's!

About the Collection

ybp gold thumbnailWhat’s golden, charitable and fashionable all over? The new Yellow Bird Project Collection! This new line is more focused on art and fashion, all while staying true to the Yellow Bird (thank god your home). We have snagged insanely awesome top illustrators to create an ultra fashionable line that represents our Yellow Bird in a different perhaps less obvious light. The bird appears more as a “Where’s Waldo”, embedded into the amazing designs. Yes, sometimes fashion is painful… like when I wiggle myself into my hipster skinny jeans sometimes I think that it’s just not worth it…. but not all style comes at the price of comfort. Yellow Bird Gold uses only the softest high quality t-shirts, we’ve removed all the tags and had the labels printed on the neck so now nothing can irritate your delicate stylish charitable skin. Look good, feel good and do good wearing the most fashionable line yet…Yellow Bird GOLD. YBP is holding on to what's golden!! Isn’t it time you start feeling like the rock star you truly are?!

Note: each of the YBP Gold items are printed in one time limited edition runs.

About The Cause

Trekstock supports the practical, everyday needs of young adults living with cancer through support, age appropriate information and health and wellbeing interventions. With your help, no young adult will have to face cancer alone.

Registered Charity No. 1132421