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Home » What Is the Best Way to Spy on WhatsApp Without Target Device? 5 Tested Solutions

What Is the Best Way to Spy on WhatsApp Without Target Device? 5 Tested Solutions

Best Way to Spy on WhatsApp Without Target Device

WhatsApp is known for its high level of security, thanks to its end-to-end encryption feature. If you are eager to discover how to spy on whatsapp without target phone, get ready for a bit of a challenge. Or follow my guide.

As a technical developer, I know some cracks and flaws in instant messengers that allow you to bypass security measures and gain access to someone’s account. In this post, I’ll share 5 methods you can use to monitor WhatsApp, complete with step-by-step instructions and some handy tips.

Why Do People Spy on WhatsApp Without Target Device?

You might be surprised that many people want to sneak a peek into someone’s WhatsApp, not just to satisfy curiosity. Here are 3 reasons why it’s useful to spy on WhatsApp without target device:

  • Child protection. Nowadays, they spend a lot of time on Instagram and TikTok, but WhatsApp is also a popular communication space. Unfortunately, it’s not always a safe place. Studies have shown that cyberbullying can easily spill over from classmates’ groups to real life. By monitoring chats on WhatsApp, you can intervene as soon as you notice any signs of bullying.
  • Couple issues. 50% of American couples admitted going through their partners’ phones, with approximately 30% discovering flirtatious messages. My ways how to spy on your spouse phone without them knowing can reveal your partner’s activities and habits, whether you believe infidelity is taking place.
  • Employee monitoring. According to a Forbes article, it has been found that human factor contributes to 85% of data leaks. WhatsApp tracking can aid in safeguarding your company’s intellectual property.

Top 5 Methods on How to Spy on WhatsApp Without Target Phone

Figuring out your reasons for WhatsApp monitoring is halfway to success. I’ve handpicked the top 5 ways how to spy on WhatsApp messages without target phone. Follow my detailed instructions with technical requirements and tips to ensure successful monitoring.

#1 WhatsApp Web

  • Time: up to 5 minutes
  • Visible: Yes
  • Simplicity: ★★★★✩

Let’s start with the simplest technique to spy WhatsApp text messages – WhatsApp Web. It’s an online version of the messenger that you can access from a laptop or desktop. As WhatsApp has a robust backup system, you can view all past conversations, including multimedia attachments, right here on WhatsApp Web.

Quick Tip: To view live chats without raising suspicion, avoid opening messages before the user does.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to
  2. Open WhatsApp on the target device.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Choose the ‘Linked Devices’ option.
  5. Scan the code displayed on the web page using the device camera.

Remember that your PC’s name will appear on Linked Devices list. Although the user may not regularly check their WhatsApp settings, they still can detect your presence and disconnect the device.

#2 MAC Spoofing

  • Time: 30-60 minutes
  • Visible: No
  • Simplicity: ★★✩✩✩

If you’re willing to put in a bit of work to spy on WhatsApp without target device, consider MAC spoofing. MAC is the unique code assigned to smartphones that can be found in the device’s settings. By changing the MAC number, you can trick the WhatsApp recognition system and gain access to their messages.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open your browser and log into the router’s admin page.
  2. Find the “DHCP Client Table” or “Attached Devices” section and locate the target device’s MAC address.
  3. Delete WhatsApp from your own smartphone.
  4. Replace your MAC address with the target’s MAC address. For Android devices, go to the Settings – Status – Device menu. For iOS devices, open Settings – About – Wi-Fi address (it’s actually a MAC address).
  5. Reinstall WhatsApp.
  6. Enter the target’s phone number to receive the verification code. 
Quick Tip: Delete the verification code from the chat history to stay unnoticed

While this method on how to spy on WhatsApp messages offers greater secrecy than the previous one, it has several limitations:

  • Your devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • It requires one-time physical access to the target device for their verification code.
  • It doesn’t work on some iOS devices.

#3 WhatsApp Backup

  • Time: 20 minutes
  • Visible: Yes
  • Simplicity: ★★★✩✩

If you store your files on Google Drive as I do, you probably know how convenient it is. But did you know that you can also use it to spy on WhatsApp without target device? This messenger automatically sends backup files to the Google Cloud associated with target devices. Simply replace their Gmail account with yours! Here’s how:

  1. Open Settings on the target device.
  2. Link the device to your Google account.
  3. Go to WhatsApp and tap Settings.
  4. Select the Chats option. Tap Chat Backup.
  5. From here, select Back Up Now to send the backup file to your Google Drive.
  6. Before quitting the app, set up a daily automated backup on the same page. Now you can spy WhatsApp text messages!
Quick Tip: Toggle off end-to-end encryption before starting the process. Otherwise, the data won’t be readable!
  • This method only works for Android devices.
  • You won’t gain real-time access to the conversation as it is going on.
  • Your personal data, including contacts, emails, etc., may appear on the target device

#4 Wi-Fi Network Sniffer

  • Time: 15-20 minutes
  • Visible: No
  • Simplicity: ★★★✩✩

This method is quite similar to MAC spoofing, so you can rightfully ask me: why would you tell me about this again? Well, Wi-Fi sniffing doesn’t require device modification. Instead, you have to download a third-party WhatsApp spy app without access to target phone and start your espionage mission. 

While many apps utilize Wi-Fi sniffing to mirror WhatsApp messages, I’ll break down the process using Whats Web Scan as an example.

  1. Download WhatsApp Web Scan from the Play Market or App Store.
  2. Open WhatsApp Settings on the target device and tap the code near the avatar.
  3. Scan the code with WhatsApp Web Can app.

The key to successful sniffing is that the target must have a strong Internet connection. Otherwise, Whats Web Scan won’t copy messages.

#5: mSpy

  • Time: up to 7 minutes
  • Visible: No
  • Simplicity: ★★★★★

As a software developer, I prefer solutions that provide quick results while operating behind the scenes without configuring Wi-Fi networks or anything else. For that, I recommend mSpy – the best free WhatsApp spy app without target phone. 

This tiny software works invisibly in the background, sending data to a cloud-based server. You can access it from anywhere while being connected to the mobile or home network.

Here’s how to read chats on WhatsApp with mSpy:

  • Go to and create your account. Only a valid email is required,
  • Select the type of target device, Android or iOS.
  • Install the app following the wizard instructions.
  • Log in to the Control Panel.
  • Click on the WhatsApp tab. 
  • Select any chat from the list and start monitoring!

Unlike other methods mentioned above, mSpy:

  • Doesn’t depend on the strength of the internet connection
  • Tracks WhatsApp remotely, no matter where they are
  • Is compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Transfers data in real time
  • Doesn’t require technical knowledge
  • 100% undetectable

WhatsApp Spy App Without Access to Target Phone: What To Expect

Spy apps, like mSpy, go two steps beyond existing WhatsApp monitoring technologies with their advanced features, such as:

📝 Message tracking without the target device: You can spy WhatsApp text messages, both incoming and outgoing, in a chat-like format. They come with timestamps and contact data, including names, numbers, and avatars.

📞 Call monitoring. Yes, you can see who called them and when. Even missed calls are displayed.

📎 Access to multimedia attachments. No matter what they share or receive on WhatsApp, the spy app can retrieve it. View their photos, videos, and links.

📍 GPS location tracking. Even if the target user disables location sharing on WhatsApp status, you can still find out where they are down to the street address.

📸 Screenshot capturing. Spy apps automatically capture screenshots at short intervals, so you’ll know what they say on secret chats. Or you can see what is behind disappearing photos. 


WhatsApp has one of the strongest security measures of all messaging apps. But with a WhatsApp spy app without access to target phone like mSpy, you can access confidential information without going through the long, tedious process of manual hacking. Test it out today!

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