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    Bon Iver

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    About Bon Iver's T-Shirt

    The waves rush onto the beach, they touch your bare feet as you stroll, you think they may just provide windows into the earth's soul. Bon Iver thinks so too. With his design combining architectural windows and wave theory, he may just have discovered the best way to describe that feeling you get by the salty shores. Wear this ridiculously comfortable AA track t-shirt, and provide a window of hope to the abused women and children supported by the Interval House.

    About The Band

    Bon Iver is an indie folk band, led by Justin Vernon. After breaking up with his previous band, and his girlfriend, Justin moved into an isolated cabin in Northern Wisconsin. His intention was to hibernate, and recuperate. But serendipitously, after spending 3 out 4 months alone in the dead of winter, he came out with an enduring masterpiece of an album, which he titled, 'For Emma, Forever Ago'. Thus was the formation of Bon Iver. Justin has chosen to donate the profits from the sale of his t-shirt to Interval House, which is a women's shelter in Toronto, Ontario.

    About The Cause

    Interval House is a Toronto-based women's shelter, which provides a range of services which enable abused women and children to have access to safe shelter and responsive services that help them establish lives free from violence. They provide a continuum of specialized services related to counselling, advocacy, outreach, legal and housing support, as well as programs to help build economic self-sufficiency.

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