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    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

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    About Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's T-Shirt

    Like the mystery of Amelia Earhart, we can't figure out why Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's pilot is crying. Is the wind piercing his eyes? Is it the bitterness and sorrow of life? Or did he watch Brian's Song? Like the band, the T-Shirt is hard to pin down, it's creative and well just damn good. Not to mention it's 100% cotton and American Apparel.

    About The Band

    Since the release of their self-titled, self-released debut album in 2005, "Clap Your Hands Say Yeah" have made their way onto everyone's top ten list. Pitchfork Media gave them a "Best New Music" commendation, Rolling Stone lauded them as the hot new band of 2005, and their idiosyncratic flavour has even attracted the likes of David Bowie who has been spotted at some of their shows. Despite their ever-increasing popularity, they are, and always will be- a people's band.

    About The Cause

    Art for Change encourages the advancement of progressive social change by using art as a catalyst for disseminating information to people. With limited funds and resources, this charity was built by consistently relying on the power of collaboration. The staff and volunteers found creative ways to maximize all available resources. This reflects the same DIY approach taken by CYHSY, who have always created music and released it on their own terms.

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