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Elvis Perkins

Elvis Perkins $30
Elvis Perkins $30
Elvis Perkins $30
Elvis Perkins $30
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About Elvis Perkins T-Shirt

Ghost is back and Elvis Perkins is so the new Patrick Swayze. Perhaps paying tribute to musical contributions of the past or prophesying the future of his musical legacy, Perkins sheds a whole new transparent light on YBP. Enjoy this non-translucent t-shirt and support the World Wildlife Fund, an organization committed to protecting earth's creatures from invisibility.

About The Band

Elvis Perkins is an American singer-songwriter. His music, as Ryan Dombal from Pitchforkmedia describes, "will tear your heart out (literally, like, reach through your chest and leave you a bloody, zombie mess)." This t-shirt was designed by Ben Chlapek, based on the following ideas presented for us by Elvis himself: 'Anything with natural or animal imagery I think one can't go too wrong with and the wearers and seers of t-shirts can't be reminded enough that we are not alone on the earth. Have we seen a hummingbird trying to drink from the bell of a horn blown by a shadow or a ghost? Probably. Bees I'd say are something to think about as well. And there's always the Moon.' Elvis has chosen to donate the profits from the sale of this t-shirt, to the World Wildlife Fund.

About The Cause

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is an international non-governmental organization for the conservation, research and restoration of the environment. Its mission is "to halt and reverse the destruction of our environment". The WWF is concerned with endangered species, pollution and climate change, among other things. They have more than 1,300 projects on-the-go at any one time. According to their website, they "work around the world, targeting those species, places and issues that need critical attention, or where the effects of our work can have the greatest, widest impact".