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    Whispertown 2000

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    About Whispertown 2000's T-Shirt

    Catch of the day: indie fresh Whispertown 2000 t-shirt. Served on a delicious breezy bed of American Apparel summer tee with a side of awesomeness. Whispertown 2000 hails from L.A. and is known for its tasty alternative country tunes, playful anthems, and savory lyrics.

    Whispertown is best paired with a glass of charity; the chef Miss Yellow Bird recommends "Start in Streets", a charity created by Sophie Tweed Simmons and Tatiana Rogers that serves to prevent the litter of the streets from reaching nature’s underwater playground. The perfect fashion snack to help you sit back and toast to a world so fine.

    About The Band

    Whispertown2000 are a four piece indie-rock band, from Los Angeles, California. They have toured with some of YBP's favourite bands, including Bright Eyes, The Elected, and Rilo Kiley. When asked to provide a quote about the band, friend & supporter Jenny Lewis said: “Morgan Nagler is my favorite songwriter. Period.” Morgan and company are proud to be supporting this local cause.

    About The Cause

    Start In The Streets in a non-profit organization which was co-founded by Sophie Tweed Simmons, the enchanting daughter of Gene Simmons. The aim of Sophie's organization is to keep the waters of Los Angeles clean and free of waste. The money which is raised through their organization is used to cover up the Los Angeles storm drains with catch basin filters, helping to prevent trash from flowing into our oceans. Each storm drain costs $3000 to cover, so the more t-shirts we can sell the better!

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