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YBP Poetry Zine

YBP Poetry Zine $5.00
YBP Poetry Zine $5.00
YBP Poetry Zine $5.00
YBP Poetry Zine $5.00
YBP Poetry Zine $5.00
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This book has been electrified to great ends to feed into your Kindle! To get the e-version, choose your country here: USA / Canada / UK / Australia / France

About The Poetry Book

The oldest form of art and the freshest array of talent, combined and oozing antioxidants for the soul in this rendition of what could only be considered, absolute magic. 'Selected Poems by Indie Rock Stars' brings to you a collection of worldly delights from a star-dusted line-up of indie musicians the world over compiled to be enjoyed in a quiet space to transcend reality and expand your consciousness to a place far and beyond.

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About The Poets

We’ve hand selected some of the most well-primed artists to contribute to our very first poetry book. Featured in these pages we have wisdoms from Aidan Moffat, Annie Stela, Dan Mangan, Elvis Perkins, Emmy the Great...(inhale).. the famous James Yorkston, Johnny Flynn, Joseph Arthur, Keaton Henson, Mathieu Santos of Ra Ra Riot, Micah P. Hinson... (head-spins).. Natalia Yanchak of The Dears, Oly Ralfe, Peter Liddle of Dry the River, Robyn Hitchcock, Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond, and finally because of the alphabet, the lovely SoKo! Yes, yes - that’s right, ALL of these creative intellectuals have opened their hearts and we’ve captured their musings in these pages.

To learn more about each participant, visit our microsite:

About The Cause

Trekstock supports the practical, everyday needs of young adults living with cancer through support, age appropriate information and health and wellbeing interventions. With your help, no young adult will have to face cancer alone.

Registered Charity No. 1132421