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YBP Bird's Nest

YBP Bird's Nest $15.00
YBP Bird's Nest $15.00
YBP Bird's Nest $15.00
YBP Bird's Nest $15.00
YBP Bird's Nest $15.00
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About The T-Shirt

The bird's nest is the home of the yellow bird. It's a warm and cosy place where the yellow bird can relax on soft twigs after a hard day's work. There's also an egg in the nest. It's that new idea that's brewing, the potential future initiative that YBP might venture into...

About The Illustrators

Metervara & Grongaard is a Copenhagen based cross-disciplinary design duo with its roots in illustration and interaction design. Formed from the need for a creative outlet free of design briefs and boundaries, the duo is not governed by time-plans and budgets, but by the desire to create that made us become designers in the first place.

Metervara & Grongaard is currently in the process of setting up a studio and gallery in Copenhagen where they will showcase their own work and host creative meet-ups.

About The Collection

ybp gold thumbnailWhat’s golden, charitable and fashionable all over? The new Yellow Bird Project Collection! This new line is more focused on art and fashion, all while staying true to the Yellow Bird (thank god your home). We have snagged insanely awesome top illustrators to create an ultra fashionable line that represents our Yellow Bird in a different perhaps less obvious light. The bird appears more as a “Where’s Waldo”, embedded into the amazing designs. Yes, sometimes fashion is painful… like when I wiggle myself into my hipster skinny jeans sometimes I think that it’s just not worth it…. but not all style comes at the price of comfort. Yellow Bird Gold uses only the softest high quality t-shirts, we’ve removed all the tags and had the labels printed on the neck so now nothing can irritate your delicate stylish charitable skin. Look good, feel good and do good wearing the most fashionable line yet…Yellow Bird GOLD. YBP is holding on to what's golden!! Isn’t it time you start feeling like the rock star you truly are?!

Note: each of the YBP Gold items are printed in one time limited edition runs.

About The Cause

Trekstock supports the practical, everyday needs of young adults living with cancer through support, age appropriate information and health and wellbeing interventions. With your help, no young adult will have to face cancer alone.

Registered Charity No. 1132421