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The Mystery Behind a Girl’s High Snapchat Score Explained

what does it mean when a girl has a high snapchat score

If you’re like most people, then you’re probably wondering what a high Snapchat score on a girl’s profile means. In short, a high Snapchat score is the total number of snaps that a person has sent and received. However, beyond finding out what this score means, people tend to make assumptions based on the number. In this post, we’ll uncover the mystery behind a girl’s high Snapchat score and find out what it truly means.

Communication is Key

Snapchat was designed for communication and sending snaps and chatting is what contributes to your Snapchat score. This means that a girl with a high Snapchat score is probably an extroverted person who uses the app to communicate with her friends and followers. It’s important not to judge a book by its cover, just because someone has a high score doesn’t mean they are addicted to using the app or that they are a “player”. It’s more likely that they just enjoy communicating with their friends.

She Has More Friends Than You Think

Another reason why a girl may have a high Snapchat score is that she has a lot of friends on the app. Often times people assume that a high score means that someone is sending snaps to multiple people, but in reality, most people with high scores have large friend lists. They are likely sending snaps to multiple people at once, which can add up quickly and contribute to a high score.

Embracing Technology

Snapchat is part of a larger culture and generation that is involved in technology. For some, keeping a high score is a sign of embracing this culture and staying connected with friends. This doesn’t mean that they’re addicted to technology, but rather, it’s a part of their lifestyle.

She’s Popular on Social Media

Snapchat isn’t the only social media platform out there. A high score on Snapchat could suggest that a girl is popular and active on other networks as well. Some girls may utilize Snapchat as an opportunity to stay connected with their friends and followers across other platforms such as Instagram or Twitter.

Trustworthy and Loyal

Communication is a two-way street, meaning that a girl with a high Snapchat score has likely opened up to many people and shared a lot of her own personal life. High scores can depict that this person is trustworthy and loyal, as many people are comfortable exchanging personal life updates with them.


In conclusion, a high Snapchat score doesn’t necessarily mean what you think it does. It’s important to remember that the number of snaps sent and received is only part of the story. The true meaning behind a high score is often related to communication, social networks, and personal relationships. Before making assumptions, keep in mind that many factors contribute to a person’s score. What’s more important than the score – is the relationships that are built and kept through technology that matter the most.

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